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Exposure Program



Are you being called by God to minister to unreached ethnic groups? Find out before you finally jump into it. PFM offers you a chance to live and work among a tribal group for a minimum of 2 weeks or a maximum of 2 months. Below is an overview of the program   ...

Orientation - 1 day

bulletUnderstanding Culture
bulletCultural Do's and Don't's
bulletWhat Missionaries do in tribal evangelism

Village - 10 days

After the orientation, you will then go with a resident missionary to the selected tribal village where you will be given the chance to do what the missionaries are doing, or you may just observe their activities and hang out with the people.

At the end of each day, there is evaluation and sharing time. The purpose of which is to process what you have been learning and to clarify some questions or observation you have.

Travel Time - 2-3 days (depending on the location)

Available Locations for Exposure Groups

Dumagat Tribe - Sierra Madre mountains
These are 5,000 negrito related semi nomadic people scattered in small clusters of houses in the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range between Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Quezon and Aurora.
Kalinga Tribe - Balbalan, Kalinga Province
This is a relatively sophisticated tribe that still practice their traditional culture. The villages are larger here and all around the mountains have rice terraces. The Kalinga are famous for putting stone terraces and dikes on the side of the mountains.
Kalanguya Tribe - Tinoc, Ifugao Province
There are 9,000 Kalanguya people in this isolated mountain municipality. You either have to walk 8 hours, ride a four wheel drive vehicle for 5 hours or charter a plane. 
Sambal Aeta Tribe - Botolan, Zambales
There are 7,000 Sambal Aetas near the Mt. Pinatubo. The people there still practice their traditional religion. 



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