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Your Philippine Mission I.Q.



How well do you the Philippines? Below is a quiz that will reveal to you whether you are a well informed mission minded Filipino or not.


Answers at end of the quiz 

  1. What’s the current Philippine population?[i]

a)       74 million

b)      76 million

c)       78 million 

  1. What percent of the Philippine population is Christian?[ii]

a)       86/6%

b)      89.4%

c)       93.2%

  1. How many SDAs are there in the Philippines?[iii]

a)       702,000

b)      751,000

c)       892,000

d)      901,000 

Ratio: 1 SDA for every 85 Non-SDA. 

5% annual growth

  1. How many SDA churches are in the Philippines?[iv]

a)       2,800

b)      3,100

c)       3,300

d)      3,900

  1. When did the SDA work begin in the Philippines?[v]

a)       1888

b)      1906

c)       1935

d)      1946

96 years of SDA work in the Philippines.

  1. How many living languages are there in the Philippines?[vi]

a)       18

b)      58

c)       168

d)      308

  1. How many tribal groups are there in the Philippines?[vii]

a)       99

b)      111

c)       222

  1. How many unreached language groups are there in the Philippines?[viii]

a)       25

b)      43

c)       51

  1. How many Muslims are there in the Philippines?[ix]

a)       300,000

b)      1.3 million

c)       2.4 million

d)      3.8 million

5% of the Philippine population is Muslim

1 Muslim for every 20 Filipino.

  1. What mission agency recruits, trains and sends Filipino missionaries to plant SDA churches among unreached tribes in the Philippines?[x]

a)       1000 Missionary Movement

b)      Gospel Outreach

c)       Global Mission Pioneers

d)      Philippine Frontier Missions

PFM is a Philippine based, all-Filipino run supporting ministry that trains and sends Filipino missionaries to establish SDA churches among unreached tribal groups in the Philippines.



0-3 correct - Below Average. You’re probably a foreigner or a Balikbayan who just arrived in the Philippines!

4-5 correct - Average, as in, “the average Filipino does not know that the Philippines is a mission field!” Read. Read. Read.

6-7 correct - Above average. You’re a well-informed mission-minded person. Keep it up!  

8-10 correct -  Excellent. You’re probably a frontier missionary, a history or mission professor or a student taking up M.A. in Missions. (That is, if you were not the one who prepared this quiz!) Pass on your knowledge to others.  

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[i] Answer: b) 76 million:  Source: Operation World 2001

[ii] Answer: c) 93.2%:  Source: Operation World 2001

[iii]Answer: c) 892,000: Source: SDA Yearbook 2002

[iv] Answer: d) 3,900 Source: SDA Yearbook 2002

[v] Answer: b) 1906

[vi] Answer: c) 168: Source Ethnologue 2000

[vii] Answer: b) 111: Source: ONCC, OSCC 1991

[viii] Answer: c) 51 Reported unreached language groups. Source: Global Mapping International 2000

[ix] Answer: d) 3.8 million: Source: Operation World 2001

[x] Answer: d) Philippine Frontier Missions


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